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23S17 Kangaro Stapler Machine


Stapling Capacity: 140 Sheet 
Stapler Pin: 23/6 – 23/17
Brand: Kangaro



23S17 Kangaro Stapler Machine

23S17 Kangaro Stapler Machine Specifications

Stapler: 23S17 Kangaro Stapler Machine
Stapling Capacity: 140 Sheet 
Stapler Pin: 23/6 – 23/17
Brand: Kangaro
Ideal: Home, Office & Printing Shop
Lock:Adjustable paper guide with lock
Material: All metal construction with high impact plastic casing, One-touch front loading mechanism, soft-grip handle, staple storage compartment, Anti-skid feet to avoid desktop from scratches

Suitable stapler pin: 23/6 Stapler pin, 23/8 Stapler pin, 23/10 Stapler pin, 23/13 Stapler pin, 23/15 Stapler pin, 23/17 Stapler pin

Suitable Remover:  Kangaro Stapler Remover SR 300

23s17 kangaro stapler machine
Brand Kangaro
Colour Multi
Item Dimensions L x W x H 11.26 x 3.15 x 8.46 inches
Model 23S17 Kangaro Stapler Machine
Operation Mode Manual
Stapler Pin 23/6 – 23/17
Stapling Capacity 140 Sheets
Loading Capacity 200 Sheets
Usage Office & School
Stapling Type Conventional
Origin India


• All metal construction
• Adjustable paper guide that can be used for jam clearing
• Rubber base to avoid desk top from scratches
• Rear loading
• Conventional or bypass clinch
• Rotating anvil for different staple sizes
• Powerful reverse handle function

Stapler Pin

23s17 kangaro stapler machine

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