Casio Fx991ES Plus 2nd Edition Non Programmable Scientific Calculator

ModelCasio Fx991ES Plus 2nd Edition Non Programmable Scientific Calculator
Power SourceSolar, Battery
WarrantyOne Year Warranty(Technical Fault)
Number of Batteries1 LR44 batteries required. (included)
TypeScientific Calculator
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Casio Fx991ES Plus 2nd Edition Non Programmable Scientific Calculator

That's correct! The Casio Fx991ES Plus 2nd Edition Non Programmable Scientific Calculator that has a wide range of functions, including trigonometric, statistical, integral, differential, matrix, and vector calculations. The dot-matrix display makes it easy to enter and view complex algebraic equations, and the calculator is designed with wear-resistant printing and a durable, drop-resistant body.

Product featuresNon Programmable, Non Graphing
Product typeNon Programmable, Non Graphing
Number of digits10 + 2 digits
Liquid crystal displayNatural textbook display, Dot matrix display
Key characteristicsPlastic keys
Key functionsNegative Sign, Power Off
MemoryVariables: 9 (A,B,C.D.E.F.X.Y,M), Independent Memory (M / M+ / M-), Answer Memory, Memory Protection, Reset Function
Power supplySolar & Battery, Approximate battery life Main 3 years, Auto Power Off
Size (D × W × H)161.5 × 77 × 11.1 mm
Weight95 g
AccessoriesHard Case

One of the advantages of the Casio Fx991ES Plus 2nd Edition Non Programmable Scientific Calculator  is its dual power source, which includes solar power for use in bright lighting conditions and a battery backup for use in low-light environments. This means that you can use the calculator in a variety of settings, including classrooms, laboratories, and outdoor environments, without worrying about running out of power. Additionally, the calculator's sleek and attractive design makes it a popular choice among students, engineers, and scientists.

From the manufacturer

Casio Fx991ES Plus 2nd Edition Non Programmable Scientific Calculator



401 Function


Trigonometrical Calculations


Differential and Integral Calculations


Statistical & Regression Calculations


Matrix & Vector Calculation


Multiple Mode


SHIFT/Alpha keys for easy operation


Sleek and Stylish Body

Casio Fx991ms Scientific Calculator come with I-year warranty

Calculation Functions

Basic Calculation
  • Bracket Calculation
  • Fraction Calculation
  • Degree, Minute, Second (Sexagesimal) Calculations
  • Reciprocal Calculation
  • Percent Calculation (scientific calculator function)
Factorial Function
  • π
  • Irrational number calculation
  • Rounding Function
Advanced calculation
  • Transcendental number: e
  • Base-n calculation
  • Logical Operators
  • Complex number calculation
  • Matrix calculations
  • Vector calculations
  • Differential calculation
  • Integration calculation
Applied calculation
  • Multi-statement Command (:)
  • Continuous Calculation
  • Replay Function
  • Multi-replay Function
  • CALC Function
  • SOLVE Function

Functions Features

Basic functions:
  • Basic Mathematical Functions
  • Number of Functions : 417
  • Absolute Value Calculation
  • Power Function (Square)
  • Power Function (Cube)
  • Power Function
  • Power Function (Square Root)
  • Trigonometric Function
Basic functions (continued):
  • Inverse Trigonometric Function
  • Hyperbolic / Inverse Hyperbolic Function
  • Exponential Calculation
  • Logarithmic Calculation
  • Log not base 10
  • Coordinate Conversion
  • Combination / Permutation
  • Random Number Generation
Other functions:
  • Equation
  • Physics- and chemistry-related functions:
  • Scientific Constants
  • Metric conversion function
Statistical Functions:
  • Statistical data
  • List based STAT-data editor
  • Statistical calculation
  • Statistics Function
  • Basic Statistics

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