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Casio DR 120R 12Digit Printing Calculator

Product features: Line printing, 2-color printing, Reprint / After Print function, Adding machine, 3.5 line-per-second printing
Product type: Adding machine, Desktop Type
Number of digits: 12 digits
Liquid crystal display: Large display, 3-digit comma markers
Key characteristics: Plastic keys
Key functions: Key rollover, Shift key (▶), Sign Change (+/-), Mark-up/Mark-down
Model: Casio DR 120R 12Digit Printing Calculator
Memory: Grand total (G*), Independent memory
Power supply: AC adapter only, Auto Power Off
Size (D × W × H): 376.5 × 204.5 × 111.2 mm
Weight: 1400 g
Color: Black

Display Setting

Display format settings:

Decimal selector (6/4/2/1/0/ADD₂)
Rounding selector (F・CUT・UP・5/4)
Line printing
2-color printing
Reprint / After Print function
3.5 line-per-second printing

Calculation Functions

Basic Calculation: Regular percent (%)

Applied calculation:

Change function
Item counter
Average calculation

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