Why stationery remains relevant in an electronic world

Why stationery remains relevant in an electronic world! The printing of stationery is a process that creates a beautiful product and, while digital and online communication grows, traditional stationery continues to be an increasingly important means of communication, satisfying a variety of needs not supported by e-mail or online media.

The original meaning of the word “cartoleria” referred to everything that sold a “stationery”, including paper, pens, pencils, etc. Today, the word has been reduced to indicate the paper used for correspondence, which can be designed to meet the needs of any company or individual. In fact, stationery is often delivered as a gift.

Nowadays, stationery items are an excellent means of communication for several reasons. First, it is a formal way of discussing issues, and some issues require this traditional approach.

Letters to and from lawyers, legal documents, contracts and similar information are important enough to justify the use of traditional desk items.

In addition, there are items such as wedding invitations, funeral announcements and favors that people want to keep. Having a paper invitation to keep as a reminder of a special occasion is more meaningful than saving an email and adds a personal touch.

In the case of a business letterhead, the information is presented in a useful format that is convenient for the recipient. The name, address, officers, board members and company locations can be on your stationery items, creating a “directory” that puts all relevant data within reach of the recipient.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, there is something satisfying about keeping a piece of heavy and recorded stationery items that no email can match.

Why stationery remains relevant in an electronic world

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