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A3 Laminating pouch machine in Sri Lanka

A3 Laminating pouch machine in Sri Lanka

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A3 Laminating pouch machine in Sri Lanka

330D A3 Laminating Machine

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320 A3 Laminating Machine

Price 14,800/-
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PDA3 330C A3 Heavy Duty Laminating Machine

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A3 Laminating pouch machine in Sri Lanka

A3 Laminating pouch machine in Sri Lanka. A pouch laminator machine uses a laminating pouch that is usually sealed on one side. The inside of the lamination pouch is coated with a heat-activated film that adheres to the product being laminated as it runs through the laminator. The substrate side of the board contains a heat-activated adhesive that bonds the print to the substrate. This can be any of a number of board products or another sheet of laminate. The pouch containing the print, laminate, and substrate is passed through a set of heated rollers under pressure, ensuring that all adhesive layers bond to one another.

Pouch laminator machines are designed for moderate use in the office or home. For continuous, large-volume lamination projects, a roll laminator performs more efficiently.

Pouches can be bought with different thicknesses in micrometers. Standard home or office machines normally use 80–250 micrometer pouches, depending on the quality of the machine. The thicker the pouch, the higher the cost. Pouches can also be measured in mil, which equals one-thousandth of an inch. The most common pouch thicknesses are 3, 5, 7, and 10 mil (76, 127, 178, and 254 μm).

Certain pouches such as butterfly pouches can be used with a pouch laminator to form ID cards. Butterfly pouches are available with magnetic stripes embedded.

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