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Will Stationery Redundant in Near Future

Will Stationery Redundant in Near Future

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Will Stationery Redundant in Near Future ! Take a peek into the stationery table office and you will be confronted with shelves groaning under the weight of paper, spiral binding machine, pens, staplers, fingerprint machine and other office accessories that we just can’t do work?

Could we work without it all?  In a few years’ time could stationery items in Sri Lanka be a thing of the past?  Or will we never make stationery redundant?

Back to future

Debatably stationery is already redundant with tablet, PCs, mobile and laptops where we don’t need to use pen and paper. You could have paper suppliers in Sri Lanka.

The Paperless Office

And, we write on paper, paperclips and staples to keep things together with paper, notebooks to write in and file folders to store print-outs, invoices and statements are the stationery items couldn’t be eliminated.

Keep Taking the Tablets

But with the inexorable rise of ultra-technology surely the days are numbered for fully stocked stationery items inside cupboards?


But do we need to make a choice between stationery items and technologies?  Instead of trying to make stationery redundant maybe we should focus on just using less? Stop printing out emails and reduce paper waste make digitize files without keeping paper duplicate.  Use less pens and save on plastic waste.  Why not use the convenience of technology to reduce our use of paper and reliance on stationery items without richening paper suppliers in Sri Lanka?

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