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How Fingerprint Attendance System Works! The term Biometrics combine of two words Bio and Metrics comes from Greek. Bio=life and Metrics=measure. This has been widely used for a personal identification and security. Now day’s biometric time attendance system is becoming to manage attendance system. Fingerprint attendance system works quite efficiently and stops buddy punching.

The biometric fingerprint machine scanner system works efficiently for identification process a biometric physiological finger Scanner works on 2 basic principles.


Physiological bio-metric mean human characteristics, i.e. the shape and composition of the body. This is mostly done by face, fingerprints, hand geometry, retina, iris, signature, vein and voice.

Physiological face verification used for identification of a person with its facial characteristics and pattern.

Finger print technique is another physiological biometric to measure. As every human being fingerprints are different and unique from each other it’s differentiated. So we can use this technique for biometric attendance system works. The accuracy rate of finger print machine scanning is high.

This is done by measuring the length of fingers, shape of the hands & palm geometry of a person.

The back side of the hand or wrist is checked to identify authorized person only.