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HR 8RC Casio 12 Digit Printing Calculator


It prints copies, so you can make a record
displays 12 large digits.

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HR 8RC Casio 12 Digit Printing Calculator

Compact design and displays 12 large digits so you can easily see numbers and your calculations. It can be used to calculate cost, selling price, margin of profit, tax and currency exchange equations. Plus, it can be used to print multiple copies of the calculation history allowing you to keep hard copies.

It prints copies so you can make a record of your calculations.
This calculator displays 12 large digits.
It’s battery powered making it a portable option.

Print: Reprint / After Print function
Check: 150 steps check
Currency:  exchange function
Time: 2.0 line-per-second printing
Product type: Compact Type
Number of digits: 12 digits
Liquid crystal display: Large display, Function command signs, 3-digit comma markers
Key characteristics: Plastic keys
Key functions:Key rollover, Shift key (▶), Sign Change (+/-)
Memory: Independent memory
Power supply:AA and AC adaptor (optional), AA×4
Off: Auto Power Off
Size (D × W × H): 239 × 102 × 81.6 mm
Weight: 345 g
Color: Black

Display format settings:

Decimal selector (2/0)
Rounding selector (F・5/4)
Reprint / After Print function
2.0 line-per-second printing

Calculation Functions

Basic Calculation: Regular percent (%), Profit margin percent
Applied calculation: 150 steps check, Currency exchange function

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