Benefits by using biometrics time attendance Biometrics has quickly become a popular way to track time attendance for companies across the world. We are the fingerprint machine suppliers in Sri Lanka.

The technology adds security to the time tracking software and prevents employees from stealing company time, by punching fellow employees in or out (buddy punching), for example

This type of time and attendance systems use the fingerprint machine of each employee in order to clock in and out of the system during the day. Reports can then be generated for each employee and sent to payroll with ease.

Increase accuracy of payroll

A biometric time attendance system, increase the accuracy of payroll with the cutting amount of time spent on payroll each period. The system dramatically reduces the time it takes to put a 100% accurate report: around 20 minutes or so.

Decrease burden on payroll department

No longer do employees need to keep files upon files of paperwork or spend time scanning the documents into the system in order to print checks. This can reduce the amount of paperwork the payroll department has to complete each pay period and offers a place for all employees to check their hours worked, PTO earned and PTO used year-to-date.

Benefits by using biometrics time attendance Eliminates time theft

Employees might also have purposefully clocked in and out of work one minute before and one minute after their shift to gain time paid in each payroll period. All of this can be eliminated with a fingerprint machine system. When companies eliminate time theft, they save money and make it a better place to work.

Employee accountability is improved

These systems create reports for every employee in the system that shows when he or she worked, how long they worked, the breaks they took and much more. That means that any biometric-based report will show management if employees are taking too long on their breaks, are not reporting to work, are clocking in too early or too late and if they are taking too many breaks during the day. This will force employees to hold themselves more accountable at the office, increasing their productivity.

Benefits by using biometrics time attendance Ease of use

No matter how simple a previous system was, the software will not confuse employees in the least bit. All they need to do is scan their fingerprint on the device at the office and it will be entered into the system with their name and other information. Fingerprint machine suppliers have brought many brands and variations of products.

Improved compliance

Should the Department of Labor audit your business, a system using biometrics fingerprint machine in Sri Lanka will make it easier to pull records of individual employees or a group of employees so that a decision can be made as soon as possible.

Proof of attendance is very important, which is why a biometrics system can make all the difference when dealing with an audit by the Department of Labor. Companies dealing with attendance issues should consider switching to fingerprint machine to immediately before it addresses issues.  Explore fingerprint machine suppliers in Sri Lanka through http://localhost/